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Our firm started its journey to design, engineer and produce Tactile Materials ™ and Tactile Products ™ in 1997.  The impetus for creating the firm was a the sense that architects were hungry for materials and products that created a sense of touch and a human connection to the built environments.

Now in our third decade we have the same level of enthusiasm and commitment to create materials for inspired architecture ®.  Our dedicated team of professionals in North America, Europe and Asia work diligently everyday to create amazing materials and products for projects worldwide.


From the very beginning we have been driven by inspired architecture.  Our focus is to support architect’s desire to have tactility within their projects.  Our Tactile Materials™ and Tactile Products™ for interiors, exteriors and public spaces.

We have created a palette of Tactile Materials™ in four categories including metal, composites, earthen and glass.  Those four material categories can then be applied to our Tactile Products™ including interior cladding, exterior cladding, sunshades, oversized doors, public furnishings, lighting and specialty elements.


A guiding tenet of our firm is to never stop innovating.  Our Tactile Labs ™ are dedicated to material and product research and development.  Our development team is comprised of material specialists, industrial/product designers, architects and engineers that each contribute their discipline to a create a optimal material and product solution.

Formulations, proof of concept, first articles and production methods are created in the controlled environment of our own labs to insure that the highest standards are maintained.  Once we have completed in-house testing we work with accredited international testing facilities to conduct and document the performance of our materials and products.


Our global and regional engineering centers review each project for the material or product application.   We often have architects or building owners requesting a bespoke application of our materials or products.  We conduct an engineering assessment during the design of the project to insure that the application is viable.

Once the project enters our operations process the assigned engineering center develops submittal drawings and supporting documents.  After approval by the architect the same team develops detailed fabrication and assembly drawings to maintain continuity.


With fabrication and assembly facilities in Europe, Asia and North America we operate “Plant within a plant” flexibility to better serve our clients.  This revolutionary method allows our plants adapt capacity for each material or product depending on quantities, technical nuances, schedule and logistics.

Our facilities all maintain the same standards for raw materials, production, quality control, packaging regardless of point of origin.  Each component or assembly is checked during each stage of production and the final material or product is documented and information is sent with the material or product to the client for reference.

Project Management

Our seasoned project management professionals shepherd projects from estimating through final completion.   Our project management teams are comprised of project executives, project managers, project engineers and project coordinators focused on communication with clients every step of the way.

Our unique global Install-Assist ™ program mobilizes our project management team to support the installation contractor during the planning, staging, rigging, assembly and installation of our Tactile Materials™ and Tactile Products ™.