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Architects and engineers ourselves, we believe in the power of innovation and imaginative solutions. Our clients develop complex concepts that push the limitations of existing architectural materials, creating the ideal space for our team to produce materials and applications that expand our repertoire.

This approach means that our product offerings are constantly evolving, growing, and introducing new solutions to meet emerging architectural ambitions.

Our commitment to every project is the same, regardless of size. We also provide engineered architectural materials directly, allowing for exceptional quality while reducing costs.


Our firm focuses on the design, engineering and production of unique architectural products and materials. We are known for going beyond the limitations of existing design assumptions to create depth in both material and form. Our seasoned team has significant experience in vertical integration, capable of taking an architectural product from concept to complete production and delivery. 

We understand and are prepared to address the potential challenges in every phase of architectural product development from manufacturing and quality control to packaging and logistics. Our familiarity with this process allows us to streamline development and spend more energy and resources focused on creating exceptional materials and distinctive results.


Our management team has a diverse background in manufacturing, product design, engineering and architecture. We work directly with architects, building owners and contractors to determine the best application and materials for their project.

Our extensive library features unique materials developed specifically for new emerging technologies and innovative concepts. If the best solution for a project is a material that hasn’t been developed yet, we will create it.

This approach means that we have broader capabilities than most architectural and material firms. By not limiting the possibilities, we are able to create superior solutions, expand our product offerings, and serve our clients in a way that is most beneficial to them.