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Tactile Newsletter

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    Materials for Inspired Architecture™

    Our firm is engaged in the design, engineering, and production of unique architectural products and materials which oftentimes stretch known design assumptions and create a depth of material and form.

  • Category 1

    Inspired Architecture™

    Our inspired architecture™ newsletter highlights projects where the architect embraced our materials or products and then asked “but what if…”

    For our firm, it is the highest form of flattery to have architects engage in the process of creating new applications and stretching the boundaries with our materials or products. Although we commit resources and energy to material and product development via our Tactile Labs™, oftentimes the best ideas evolve from an architectural vision. We celebrate those collaborations via the inspired architecture™ newsletter.

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    Tactile Spalted Wood Cladding™

    Spalted wood patterns created by nature.

    Our Tactile Spalted Wood Cladding™ material accentuates maple wood grain with unique and elegant striations created via chemical interactions among fungi in the forests of Vermont. These remarkable patterns can provide a much more distinctive look when used in place of plain wood grain surfaces. Our line of Tactile Spalted Wood Cladding™ products are suitable for interior cladding applications and are available in a number of different stains and finishes.

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    Tactile Cast Bronze Cladding™

    A visually organic material our cast bronze conveys warmth and richness unmatched by other metals.

    We cast our bronze cladding in various alloys to achieve different tonality and character. We have standard finishes that we have developed over time as well as offering custom project-driven finishes and patterns. We have developed casting methods for solid cladding panels as well as sunshades. Our patinas and coatings allow the architect to determine how the material evolves based on exposure to the environment. 

    We cast metals using traditional sand, platen, and lost wax investment casting. Each method has distinct advantages and the results offer different levels of refinement and interest.

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    Tactile Cork Cladding™

    Natural cork cladding will enhance any environment with warmth and texture.

    Cork is a stunning material that takes on a unique aesthetic appearance from highly textured and irregular to monolithic and smooth. We have captured the character of natural material and incorporated cork into our interior and exterior cladding systems. Our interior cork cladding systems allow the material to act as an active solution for acoustical control while providing a beautiful surface.

    Our exterior Tactile Cork Cladding™ offers a more organic appearance set within our high-performance rain screen cladding system. Our Tactile Cork Cladding™ system is available with contrasting or illuminated joints to suit your project.