Tactile Lab

Welcome to Tactile Lab™ where we develop new and adaptive technologies to create exciting materials and products for architecture.  Not content with the status quo we draw technologies from aerospace, automotive, robotics and biomimicry to create new Tactile Metal, Glass, Composites and Earthen materials.  Once we develop the innovative materials we apply them to our Tactile Products™ which are highly engineered solutions for building applications.  Some of our products include exterior and interior cladding, sunshades, walking surfaces, public furnishings, large doors and special elements.

We are a diverse team of engineers, material specialists, product designers, architects and manufacturing experts and quality control specialists that apply our unique skills to the holistic process of material and product development.  This process developed since our founding in 1997 has resulted in the making of materials and products that were seemingly impossible to grasp during initial concept but evolved into dramatic and viable Materials For Inspired Architecture®.

Tactile Cast Glass Pavers™

Our Tactile Cast Glass Pavers create memory points throughout paving and flooring applications.  Our unique process and patterns create “passive visual movement” with the pattern reflected by our opacification technology.   Our Tactile Cast Glass Pavers are fully tested and can be used in exterior and interior surfaces.  We are currently developing LED technology to have the option to back light the pavers to create more ambient light in public spaces.

Expected product launch Fall 2019.

Tactile Cork Cladding™

Our new advances in ventilated Tactile Cladding™ now support the application of cork materials for vertical and horizontal exterior and interior surfaces.  Our systems are being developed to allow the application of prefabricated cork panels up to nominally 1500 mm (5’0”) X 6000 mm (20’0”) in a variety of finishes, textures and colors.  Beyond the allure of the cladding the systems are ideal for sound control within interior spaces and smaller exterior areas.  Both the system and cork are all derived from renewable resources.

Expected product launch Winter 2019.

Tactile Public Furnishing™

Our Public Furnishings Studio has a number of development projects under way.  Some of the most notable is the Tactile Lumen™ series that combines intense color and rich finishes during the day and a warm glowing element in the evening hours to each piece of the collection including benches, light standards, bollards, waste receptacles and bike racks. Tactile Windswept collection is starting with the first piece titled “Family Bench” with curvilinear seating surfaces that allow up to six people to settle into the bench surface, the seating material is our  Tactile Polymer Concrete Composite™ (PCC) with a fine polished surface and Tactile Cast Bronze supports that are subordinate and allow the top to visually float. Among our other projects include outdoor game boards, which take advantage of our Tactile Porcelain Enamel Metal™ with digital ceramic artwork to invite users to play classic games such as chess and checkers.

Expected launch summer 2019.

Tactile Fire Backs™

Our Tactile Fire Backs create interesting character as the light bounces of the irregular Platen Cast metal currently being developed in bronze. The benefit of our Tactile Fire Back is to reflect light and heat back towards the primary seating area around the fire. Our Fire Back material is suitable for exterior and interior applications.

Expected product launch summer 2019.

Tactile Porcelain Digital Ceramic Artwork

We have made great advances with our Tactile Porcelain Enamel Metal Cladding™ with the use of digital ceramics that allow us to create super fine imagery and art work.  The panels can be produced up to 1500 MM (5’”0) X 1200 MM (4’0”).

Expected product launch summer 2019.