Tactile Lab

Welcome to Tactile Lab™, where we showcase Architectural Materials’ latest research and product development of our new materials and products. Not content with the status quo, we adapt technologies from aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and biomimicry to create our innovative architectural materials and products.  We utilize computer based systems for production and testing to insure that our materials perform over time.

The Architectural Materials team is comprised of engineers, material specialists and product designers who embrace seemingly impossible ideas and deliver extraordinary materials and products for inspired architecture.

Tactile Doors and Windows™

Combining the attributes of steel profiles with our Tactile Metal® finishes allows architects to have bronze, zinc, copper and specialty steel finishes with very narrow sightlines. In addition, larger operable units will be available compared to solid bronze windows and doors. The cost of Tactile Doors Windows™ will be less than 50% of the cost of extruded bronze windows and doors. Development started January 2017 and expected to be complete October 2017.

Curvilinear Suspended Ceiling System

Our concept is to provide a suspended ceiling system that integrates various sizes and depths of articulated curvilinear shapes, acoustical properties, lighting and penetrations for fire sprinklers and other ancillary accessories. We are experimenting with Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) and Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) materials that offer a wide range of finishes. Development started February 2017 and is expected to be complete October 2017.

Shark Skin Tactile Porcelain Finish

Sometimes our material development takes unexpected turns rendering beautiful results.  Thus is the case with our Tactile Porcelain “Sharkskin” pattern.  During our experimentation we witnessed the metallic coating fractured with higher heat in the oven leading to a stunning visual pattern.  After further evaluation we learned the performance of the unintended pattern is the same as our monochromatic Tactile Porcelain.

Platen Cast Bronze and Aluminum Cladding

Creating surfaces that embrace the handcrafted nature of materials is at the heart of our Platen Cast Bronze and Aluminum cladding.  We have developed a variety of finishes within the cast surface such as heavy brush strokes, fissures, heavy stipples and bubbles that occur during the casting process.  These organic characteristics create visual warmth and interest.  We combine the surfaces with our Tactile Patina finishes to add more color and tonality.