Amangiri Resort & Spa

Amangiri Resort & Spa

Amangiri Resort & Spa

Carved out of the White Chalk Hills of Canyonland country, the resort is an oasis of quiet serenity. With less than 40 rooms and a focus on health and wellness, the architect chose materials and massing to meld the structure with the natural surroundings. The use of white sandstone and moss laminar stone emulate some of the natural stone found on site.

The resort embraces the use of fine material to enhance the guest experience. The guestrooms feature Indian sandstone carved and finished in varying ways depending on the cladding location. The architects wanted the guests to experience the color and rift of the stone on their feet, so a moss laminar stone was selected for its character and durability in the spacious bathroom areas. Its polished and honed surfaces allow for the deep character of the stone to compliment the architectural design.


Wendell Burnette Architects
Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Amangri Resort & Spa
Page, Arizona, USA

Project Location:

Page, Arizona, USA


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