UNIQLO Flagship Store

UNIQLO Flagship Store

UNIQLO Flagship Store

The UNIQLO Flagship Store is centrally located on the most popular shopping street in Shanghai. The objective for this project was to create a distinctive, memorable retail presence for the UNIQLO brand, a quality lacking in the previous six-story structure where the company was housed. As an artistic representation of the brand’s product, the design team chose to enhance the façade by creating a fabric appearance across the more than 30,000 square feet of façade. The ground floor features 4500 mm (14’ 9”) tall stainless steel pivot doors that extend the retail environment out into the pedestrian area. The entrance to the Metro station was integrated into the store design with a multi-faceted stainless steel façade designed to entice passersby into the store. The interior features a six-story tall glass structure with 28 surface planes housing flying mannequins and live performers encouraging guests to visit the upper floors of the store.

The interior features a 70-foot tall structural glass sculpture encasing flying mannequins to create visual interest. The ground floor features 15’ 0” tall stainless steel pivot doors that extend the sense of space to the adjacent plaza. The entire building façade is wrapped in a milled variable perforated aluminum plate system with a ceramic composite coating to create a chic, classic finish that has become a staple of UNIQLO’s store identities.


Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA


Fast Retailing
Shanghai, China

Project Location:

Shanghai, China


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